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QOTC Project: Part two teaser

music, QOTC, Romance, Tove Lo, Vintage

This is a design from the second part of my concept project. This design is based on Lo’s songs “My Gun”. This is the first full song off of “Queen of the Clouds” and also the first song of the first segment “The Sex.” Part two of this project will include designs based on the songs “Not On Drugs” and “Got Love”, aswell as “My Gun”. My Gun

QOTC: Concept Project

music, QOTC, Romance, Tove Lo, Vintage

I was working on a project that focused on the connection between love and lust. Music is probably my biggest inspiration, I was looking back on my favourite albums in recent years, especially albums that tie into the theme of love and lust. Tove Lo’s “Queen of the Clouds” (released September 2014), was one of my favourite pop records in the last year, and was one of the few albums that was my soundtrack to last summer. I love how this album was split into three sections (sex, love and pain), Lo’s lyrics are both gritty and personal on this record, and highlighted how complicated and passionate modern relationships are. I decided to link the designs I had previously created, directly with Lo’s “QOTC”. I have created 10 designs which are based on 10 songs from the album, the examples below focus on the songs “Talking Body” (left design),  which is taken from “the sex” part of the record and “Moments” (right design), which is taken from “the love” section. In terms of the design, I’ve included imagery that focuses heavily on romanticism.